Family Matters at Huntley Gallery, 2023Family Matters on the Cal Poly Pomona Billboard, 2023Incantation at Orange County Center for Contermporary Art, 2023Inland / Outward at Foto Relevance Gallery, 2023Somewhere Else, 515 Bendix, 2023Illuminate LA: Collective Memory Project, 2023Family Matters, Danforth Art Museum, 2022Museo de la Naturaleza, Cantabria Spain, 2021Somewhere Else, Griffin Museum of Photography, 2021Eco Arts / Our Humanity Matters, I am Water Billboard Project, 2022Susan Spiritus Gallery Booth, Photo LA 2020Somewhere Else, Spartanburg Art Museum, 2020Somewhere Else, Foto Relevance Gallery, 2020#countmein, Museum of Art & History, 2020#countmein, Museum of Art & History, 2020Somewhere Else, Museum of Art & History: Cedar, 2019Foto Museo Casa Coyocàn, Mexico City, 2019Florida Museum of Photography, 2018Family Matters. Museum of Art & History, 2018Museum of Art & History, billboard project, 2017