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I am deeply interested in the human condition and our sense of identity. My work explores how we live, how we relate to each other, and how we feel about our sense of self. After returning to the camera after a long hiatus, I had no interest in photographing people. And yet, perhaps to rise to the challenge, I was soon inviting myself into people’s homes, invading their personal spaces, and looking deeply into their psyches. This series of environmental portraits, which are shot in the subject’s home, have an added twist. A parent is photographed in a child’s room, or a child is presented in a parent’s space, or some other sense of displacement or discomfort exists. The displacement of the subject makes the viewer pay special attention to their surroundings. As humans, we are drawn into the lives of others, yet we see our own reflection. This project serves to allow each viewer a moment of self-introspection. These beautiful images invite you in, but once inside they force you to question your own identity, and your relationship with others.