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Graciously infused with movement, Sense of Self is a series of expressive, conceptual self-portraits. Using movement and light to create a blurred, diffuse quality, I confront my own vulnerability, as well as my attempts to create a sense of order from the natural chaos of personal environment and emotion.
Intimate and evocative, the luminous images expose the attempt to shape boundaries in my life. I focus on capturing my innate need to grid, sort, map, and control – as well as a potent dichotomy - my desire to escape from oppressive, constraining self-regulation.
I shot these images after photographing environmental portraits of others, images that tapped into the subjects’ rich psychology. Through this series, I sought to visualize my personal zeitgeist and my own self-identity.

20" x 30", edition of 15 + 2AP
12" x 18", edition of 10 + 2 AP
"Grid Dress""Gridding the Space""Gridding the Self"Grid Dress #6Grid Dress #5Grid Dress #1Grid Dress #4Grid Dress #3Gridding the Space #1Gridding the Space #3Gridding the Space #5Gridding the Space #6Gridding the Self #5Gridding the Space #4Gridding the Self #2Gridding the Self #1Gridding the Self #3Gridding the Self #7"Map Dress #1"Sense of Self at Yuma Fine Art Center