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The series Somewhere Else maps an emotional route of exploration and escape. When I am here, I want to be there. Yet once I get there, I am left to wonder if this place answers or fulfills my quest. Somewhere Else features simply made homes covered in a wide array of maps, photographed in natural settings and within architectural interiors. The maps that cover these homes do not reflect the location of the image, but rather lead back to places I explored as a child or long to escape to in the future.

Evocative of the journey of life, of the visceral impact of that longing to be “somewhere else,” each work examines where we dwell literally and spiritually. It is always about the journey, the search for that place we truly want to call home. The search is symbolic of a deeper, inner search; that sensation of running away from or running to a vast “other.” Somewhere Else explores a yearning for home, or a sense of place, that one cannot return to, no longer exists, or maybe never was.

60” x 40", edition of 3 + 1AP
30” x 20", edition of 7 + 2AP
18” x 12", edition of 10 + 2AP
December 30, The PriorNovember 30, Balanced RockDecember 27, ChilaoJuly 15, El PrietoOctober 27, Phantom LakeOctober 18, LafayetteAugust 3, ShorelineSeptember 10, River OaksNovember 10, Sunshine SkywayMarch 2, Coal CreekJune 3, Creole MineAugust 30, Silver CloudNovember 24, Global GoodJune 4, Yucca ValleyJune 7, Fault_LinesNovember 23, Forget Me NotJune 7, Spy MountainNovember 7, Urban MemorialDecember 28, Churchland ForestSomewhere Else at PhotoLA, 2020