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Life is messy. And hard. Sometimes we are faced with personal hardships or tragedies. Other times, we are met with collective challenges that change our world views. And yet, we persevere. Damaged is walking in the forest, escaping from the troubles of the day. It is seeking the beauty of the moment, in spite of the darkness that lingers on the edges. When facing hardship, we seek solace. We put a brave face forward, but know that just behind our reassuring smiles, our “I’m fine, thank you,” our facade is cracking and our countenance is crumbling. A walk in the forest is a spiritual experience, and magical transformations can occur as we bathe in the sunlight and feel the wind on our skin. Damaged explores our marred edges while simultaneously celebrating the beauty that brings us peace.

Work from this series are unique, hand-printed limited edition pigment transfer prints.

25" x 20" image on 30" x 25" water color paper with deckle edge, edition of 4 + 1AP
10" x 8" image on 14" x 11" water color paper, edition of 5 + 2AP
8" x 8" image on 11" x 11" water color paper, edition of 5 + 2AP
Atlantic Dreams, #1 of 5Angeles Crest, #3 of 4Southern Night, #1 of 5High Desert, #1 of 5El Prieto, #1 of 5Little Round Top, #2 of 5Millard, #1 of 4Northward, #2 of 5Nauset Bay, #1 of 5Looking Up, #2 of 5Night Sky, #3 of 5Pulse, #1 of 5Still Standing, #2 of 5The Tempest of Emotions, #1 of 5Upstate, #1 of 4Vancouver, #1 of 5Damaged, #5 of 5Because I Said I Would,  #1 of 5I Don't Know What to Call this Feeling, #1 of 5On the Battlefield, #3 of 5