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I am. I am Here. I Matter.
Yo soy Yo estoy aqui. Me importo.

While many people struggled with the effects of isolation during the pandemic, I found the time a welcomed respite. Two years of relative seclusion during Covid allowed me to turn inward. During this period, I spent a significant amount of time walking in the woods, and realized I enjoyed my own company. I was grateful to be away from the bustle of city life and the routine of social obligations. As it was for many, it was a time to reevaluate what mattered most to me in life.

I finally took a break from this extended isolation to attend an artist residency in Spain. While there, I further explored this path of self-discovery, and dug deep into my feelings to contemplate my purpose. Life is short. And sometimes feels perilous. This project investigates what it means to be human in this world. It is ultimately about me. My wants and wishes, and my fears. But it is about you too. Because you matter. We all matter. And how we treasure each moment, and the earth we live on, may be just the ingredient we need to change this world for the better.

I am seeking to find my voice not as a human, but as the pulse of the air, the flow of the water, the growth of the plants. To return to the cycles of the sea and the moon - not the clock. I choose to turn toward nature, to cast aside the urban and commercial chaos that gives me angst. To live more simply. To have time to stop and smell the roses. To return to the celebration of the senses. I share my experiences of self-reflection and invite you to open your heart and your mind to feel. Feel the wind. Hear the birds. Walk in the water. Find the joy.

This multi-media project was conceived and created in Spain, and was made possible with the support of SM Pro Art and curator Marisa Caichiolo. The photographic images are part of a larger installation that includes video and audio text.

I am, I am Here, I Matter video
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